Shaping innovative digital marketing ecosystems

Patterned after “Growth Stack” technology, Ematic Group builds nimble, best-of-breed businesses that focus on a local touch, regional coverage and global scale. We build technology and we form agencies that uniquely fill gaps in the market to help our customers bring their digital dreams to life.

Our Business Divisions

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Sub AI
Ematic Solutions
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Elixus Agency

A performance-driven regional digital marketing agency



Motion design

Sub AI

Sub AI

Data Analytics Technology


Cross-Channel Marketing Analytcs

optimization technology

Ematic Solutions

Ematic Solutions

Southeast Asia’s largest marketing technology agency

Industry leading tech

Global Partnerships

Localized support

Our Story

Ematic Group

The Ematic Group is a digital marketing organization focused on building and delivering solutions that drive real business results for Medium to Large Enterprises across the Asia Pacific

Our Values


We work to become a trusted partner for our clients by adding growth and bringing optimal values to your digital marketing effort

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